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Frédéric Michel, lawyer in Cannes (Mougins), advises you on any issue regarding real estate law. Me Michel has a significant experience in real estate, acquired in international law firms and notarial firms in Paris.

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Property lawyer

The property sector covers various areas such as construction, management, property development, expertise and involves many participants such as real estate agents, property developers, construction companies, property managers, property traders, architects, solicitors and attorneys.

Property operations can involve complicated issues due to the extent of the applicable regulations. Fairfield strives for reaching a balance between protecting the public interest (town planning, the environment) and private interests (building permits, owner and lessee rights…).

Consequently, it is important to carefully examine the construction project (real estate development, sale before completion), renovation project or real estate acquisition or sale in order to assess the legal risks.

In relation to a real estate acquisition, for example, an issue for consideration is whether the acquisition should be made directly or through a special purpose entity. (non-commercial or commercial partnership, private limited company). Specific attention will be given to the existing contracts for the property (commercial, residential or professional lease, real estate leasing) and the financing of the acquisition. Real estate financing is usually secured by mortgages, pledges, liens and/or personal securities such as first-demand guarantees issued by a company or an individual.

We advise you on the following:

  • Real estate acquisitions
  • Real estate financing
  • Securities and guarantees
  • Leases
  • On-going businesses
  • Real estate professionals
  • Constructor liabilities
  • Construction insurance
  • Property developments
  • Tourism and residency services


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